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Frequently Asked Questions
For Members

Can an employee call the Excellus Membership Inquiry Unit?
No, the Membership Inquiry Unit is exclusively for employer group representatives. Employees have access to a dedicated customer service line at 1-877-253-4797. Call center professionals are available: Monday – Thursday 8 AM - 5 PM Friday 9 AM - 5 PM.

Is the addition of a newborn child a qualifying event to add a spouse to coverage?
Yes, the addition of a newborn is a change in family status that is a qualifying event to add a spouse.
For Administrators

If a group receives a court order to add a dependent, what is required to add the dependent?
When you submit an application to add an eligible dependent pursuant to a court order such as a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO), the court order is required, along with completed application and QMSCO Enrollment Form.

If I feel my bill is incorrect, what do I do?
Check the activity changes listed on the invoice and if you find a discrepancy, please contact Membership and Billing immediately. Remember, most activity is subject to the 30-day retroactivity period.

Should I adjust my payment based on activity requests that are not reflected on the bill?
No, please submit activity via the web, secure email process or a group enrollment form.

If an employee is legally separated from their spouse, is the spouse eligible to be on our health plan as an eligible dependent?
Yes, according to the Excellus plan, spouses are no longer eligible after divorce, but are still eligible during a legal separation.

If a member wants to change his or her last name, what is required?
Please submit the change in writing or as a web request. You should maintain documentation to establish the basis for the name change.

Why is a certificate of marriage from a church considered not an acceptable document to verify eligibility?
The church certificate does not prove that the couple registered the marriage. The act of registering the marriage is what makes it legal.
Should I wait to submit a termination request for an employee until after the employee responds to the COBRA offering?
No, please submit termination requests as they occur. If an employee later opts for COBRA within the guidelines, coverage can be reactivated.

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